About The Sounds Conservancy

The Sounds Conservancy is a marine research and education program designed to protect the estuaries and coastal waters of the Sounds of southern New England. Its regional focus is specifically the waters from Long Island Sound to Nantucket Sound. Through the use of a small grants program, the Sounds Conservancy working within QLF, seeks to secure the protection of its region’s marine resources through the support of projects focused on marine education, research, advocacy, and conservation.

QLF developed the TSC Grants Explorer website in 2013 in partnership with the Center for Community GIS in order to provide new ways to profile past TSC-funded research; to (re)connect TSC grantees with each other and the general public, and to better communicate program successes to a global audience of marine researchers, practitioners, and advocates.

To learn more about the TSC program, visit the program page on QLF's website, where you can download current grant application forms as well as TSC publications in PDF format.